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Dubai Watch Week 2023

شكرا جزيلا
أسبوع دبي للساعات

I want to express my deep appreciation to Dubai Watch Week, the participating brands, and everyone involved, with special thanks to the Seddiqi family, Hind Seddiqi, and her team.

Dubai Watch Week's 6th edition provided an invaluable platform for learning, growth, and connection—from industry experts to passionate watch enthusiasts. It served as a central hub for the global watch community, celebrating worldwide excellence in watches and watchmaking. A big thank you to all who contributed to the success of 2023, including those working behind the scenes.
To the exhibiting brands, your showcase of watchmaking excellence, unveiling exceptional novelties and innovations, and hosting impressive booths, events, and gatherings were truly appreciated.A heartfelt thank you goes out to the speakers and the Horology Forum participants. Your inspiration, intellectual leadership, and candid insights created spaces for diverse perspectives and discussions, transcending horology and touching on topics like sustainability, innovative thinking, navigating the complexities of legacy and innovation in horology, and company buy-outs.The watch community is the beating heart of Dubai Watch Week, from #WatchFam to #WatchFemme (if you're not aware, now you know!). Whether I'm a former industry professional, content creator or a collector, it's the community that fuels our passion and drives our endeavours.
The vibrant conversations with brands, chance encounters between booths, and meetings with friends, watch collectors, enthusiasts, and those who participated in conversations I hosted (thanks for introducing yourself), all contribute to the electrifying experience that I carry with me with great joy.

Seddiqi Family
A special acknowledgement goes to the Seddiqi family. Dubai Watch Week wouldn't be possible without your passion and professional dedication. You've not only facilitated spirited industry dialogues but also welcomed a globally diverse audience, catering to newcomers, collectors, and enthusiasts alike.
Hind Abdul Hamied Seddiqi, your commitment to horology not only serves as inspiration for marketers (as one marketer with a passion for horology can truly recognise another), but also resonates deeply with the entire watch community.Thank you for hosting such a welcoming and globally recognised event, advocating for diversity and inclusivity with elegance.Mohammed Abdulmagied Seddiqi, your candid conversations, both on and off stage, were truly inspiring. Learning about your strategies for retaining customers and building trust and loyalty was invaluable.Abdul Hamied Seddiqi, your approachability, humility, and visionary leadership have made a lasting impact on me since our first interactions in 2018. I'm genuinely grateful for the impact you've had on Dubai Watch Week and the industry at large.

Yours sincerely a collector, creator & marketer.


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